It is our corporate responsibility to also think of others and not to close our eyes to the plight of others people and animals  It is a matter close to our hearts to help living beings in need and eliminate the causes of their suffering, which is why we are involved in numerous projects for people and animals.

„It's not just about what we do externally in the world, but what we give as human beings."
- Albert Schweitzer

Our dream: a world in which people, animals and nature live in harmony with each other and treat each other with love and respect. We are convinced that every little bit of help is crucial to making a big difference together. Everyone has the opportunity to do their bit to make the world a little better every day.

1. Our social commitment

bosch Tiernahrung takes responsibility in numerous initiatives and projects. We are very proud to be a part of the following projects:

"Neues Leben" - Ghana / West Africa

The aim of the "Neues Leben" organization is for communities and projects to become self-sufficient. The needy people learn to provide for themselves through various programs and assistance. Local pastors, evangelists and church workers are trained and Christian kindergartens and schools are set up and supervised. The construction of wells, new buildings, animal husbandry and literacy courses as well as agricultural aid also provide a foundation on which the people can build. "Neues Leben" missions take place in the following countries: Egypt, Benin, Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Ghana, Congo-Brazza, Mali, Mauritania, Togo.
bosch Tiernahrung actively supports this heartfelt project with donations. Recently, for example, a plot of land was purchased for a shelter in Togo to give homeless children a home. In addition, a tractor was financed for Burkina Faso and our management supported the local people in painting a school.

"Gebende Hände" - worldwide

The organisation "Gebende Hände" is active in many countries in Africa, Asia and Central America. The helpers see their work as a service of Christian charity. Their aim and purpose is to provide spiritual and physical care for the unfortunate and needy all over the world. 
In addition to hunger relief, they run projects for clean drinking water, provide medical aid, help people to help themselves, e.g. by granting small loans and run several orphanages. They also help people directly on the ground in various war zones and during disasters. 

Radio Lilanguka - Malawi

The Lilanguka radio station carries out awareness-raising and educational work in Malawi. People there lack basic knowledge about agricultural and hygiene issues and albinos are still ritually killed.

We support the station so that the program can be designed and have financed a solar system for a regular power supply. We also support other local projects for agriculture and small businesses.

Samaritians Purse - worldwide

The work of the Good Samaritans focuses on the Christmas in a Shoebox campaign, international programs in the areas of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), medical aid, education, nutrition and humanitarian aid in disaster situations (e.g. the flood disaster in Germany). The organization works closely with local church communities and local partners in the project countries in order to be able to help worldwide.

Liebenzeller Mission - worldwide

230 Liebenzell missionaries are working in 22 countries. The aim is to invite people all over the world to believe in Jesus and to help them practically in their lives. Through the organization, Christian churches are founded, people are trained, social projects are supported and help is provided in current emergencies.

Last year, bosch Tiernahrung supported the Dawn Trust Community Care (DTCC) aid project in Mushili, a beach settlement in Zambia, where around 80,000 people live in very basic conditions. One in six of them carries the HIV/Aids virus.

Local employees and Liebenzell missionaries help people in body, mind and soul. They advise those affected by AIDS and try to protect young people from infection through prevention work. In addition to youth and educational work, small farmers are trained, tree nurseries are established, biblical principles such as faithfulness are taught and prospects for the future are created.

2. Our commitment to animal welfare

As a manufacturer of high-quality pet food, we place a special focus on the welfare of our dearest four-legged friends and are unfortunately confronted with their sad fates time and again. In these difficult times, too many cats and dogs around the world lead a difficult, lonely and far too short life.

In our view, the biggest challenge is to raise awareness of the need to treat animals responsibly. Animals are equal beings who are entitled to protection and care.

As a company, we took a clear stance against animal testing of any kind many years ago. Among other things, we are on the PETA list of animal-free food manufacturers, which makes us very proud. For us, it is a matter of the heart to actively stand up for animal welfare in the form of food or monetary donations.

Official partner to regional animal shelters

Unfortunately not every furry friend is lucky enough to be part of a loving family right from the start. Regional animal shelters, such as the Tierschutzverein Crailsheim Tierheim e.V. contribute every day to making the world a little better for animals in need. For us, it is a matter of the heart to actively and enthusiastically support this important voluntary work.

For over three years, we have been a firm partner of regional animal shelters and a sponsor in numerous areas: In addition to financing various articles of daily use and a car, we ensure well-filled dog and cat bellies through generous food donations. 

To ensure that the shelter only remains a temporary home, we support the dedicated shelter staff in their search for a new "forever" home and provide the new arrivals with a delicious "Welcome Home" package.

About the author

Jenny Beck

Media designer

I grew up in the village and was always surrounded by dogs and cats. There are currently seven cuddly tigers running around in my home and giving me a lot of joy. As a media designer, I maintain our bosch online shop and our social media channels, send newsletters and design print media such as packaging and flyers.