Delivery procedures for goods to be delivered

Raw ingredients, feed and feed additives:

1.1 Loose deliveries:

These procedures are dictated by your contract, and are otherwise only after consultation and individual approval
All deliveries of loose goods must be logged in the time slot management system on our TRANSPOREON site

1.2 Delivery of sacks or big bags:

- Pallets capable of high bays
- Euro exchange pallets 80 x 120 cm
- Disposable pallets 80 x 120 cm
- Industrial pallets 100 x 120 cm
- Ground clearance at least 10 cm (Euro measurement) in all versions
- Maximum load height including pallet 220 cm

Raw goods must be protected by corrugated cardboard or other barrier on the wooden pallet.

1.3 Delivery of frozen products

This procedure must be found in our product sheet, which you then send back to us, signed. 

1.4 Delivery of fresh meat products:

- In volume boxes
- Without any external contamination
- Covered with foil

The remaining procedures must be found in our product sheet, which you then send back to us, signed.

For all goods described under point 1, the following also applies:

All goods are delivered as healthy goods as customary in the trade in accordance with all applicable regulations, in particular §3 of the FMG (Feed Act) and §5, para. 6 FMHygVo (Feed Hygiene Regulation).
We expect only GMO-free goods.
Additives or impurities must be below the legal limits according to VO68/2013.


The products are unloaded exclusively from behind on a ramp. The pallets are to be positioned in the vehicle accordingly. 


Must be agreed with us and approved by us.
If you deviate from the procedures described here without obtaining approval, we reserve the right to charge you for any additional expenses incurred by us.

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