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Balanced dry food, wet food and dog snacks for every phase of life and the special needs of your dog.

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Delicious wet and dry food for an active and vital life of your cat. Juicy and crunchy cat snacks as a special reward.

Only the best for your four-legged friend

Family business since 1960

Valuable, regional raw materials

Directly from manufacturer

Climate-neutral production site

Lovingly made from our homeland

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Freshe SchnauzeFreshe Schnauze

Sanabelle Heimat

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Customer testimonials



Lexie loves the gourmet strips.

They are soft, juicy smell really good and you can take them super. Lexie is crazy about them. When tricking you can also break them super into small pieces so you can then dose them optimally.

Simply her absolute favorite snack.



Butch loves the wet food from Sanabelle.

His absolute favorite is lamb & beef. He stays in the drawer until the can is opened. Something else just does not come to him in the bowl.



I am so glad that the wet food "Home" is available.

Our Nala has been, due to illnesses in puppyhood and allergies, such a poor eater. Daily feeding used to be a struggle.

In the meantime, however, it is completely different. She rushes to the food bowl when she only hears the rattling of the cans and eats everything - no more leftovers in the bowl.

Nala gets half the daily ration of dry food and wet food mixed together, both from the "Heimat" range from bosch: fresh farm turkey with maronia and parsnip.

It is grain-free and very well tolerated even for sensitive dogs with food allergies.



I had to convince my boys of "Sammy's Joint Bites" first.

Initially, they were not quite convinced of the "healthy snack", BUT is always tried and behold, suddenly the bag is empty faster than I can look!

All four are now completely "in love" with the soft bites and I think they are a great addition to everyday life, especially on athletic days.



I move to the food cupboard. Big blue googly eyes are looking at me. I know what Monty is waiting for... it's time for Sanabelle treats :)

Grain-free and with a high meat content - I don't have to worry about that as a cat mom.

Giving paw and male - we have Treats to thank for these feats.

Monty loves them and we are happy when he is :)



Breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day - our Charlie knows that too. And so he looks forward to his portion of "Heimat Adult Landrind" every morning.

It contains only what must be contained and you can see that when you open the can - without any unnecessary frills.

The sole protein source "beef" is sourced from the region, which especially us owners like very much.

Only the best for you and your four-legged friend

From our homeland lovingly made

With now more than 60 years of experience, our family-run company based in Blaufelden-Wiesenbach stands for tradition in the production of high-quality and balanced pet food products for your dog and cat.

In the beautiful state of Baden-Württemberg, nestled in lush green meadows, golden fields and deep forests, we produce the highest quality pet food. The focus of our actions is the well-being and health of your pet. We focus on the highest quality of raw materials and make sure to use regional sources of raw materials for the production of our products as much as possible.

Since January 2020 our production facility is climate-neutral.

Really good food for your cat and dog

Family business since 1960
Experience & Trust

Climate-neutral production
In harmony with nature

From our home
Lovingly made in Baden-Württemberg

Pet food without sugar
& without artificial additives

Regional raw materials
short delivery paths

Pet food without animal testing