Cooperation with animal shelters

For the love of animals we are official partner

Unfortunately, not every furry nose is lucky enough to be part of a loving family from the very beginning. Regional animal shelters, such as the Tierschutzverein Crailsheim Tierheim e.V., contribute daily to making the world a little better for animals in need. For us, it is a matter of the heart to support this important, voluntary work actively and with commitment.

 For more than three years, we have been a firm partner of regional animal shelters and a sponsor in numerous areas: In addition to financing various commodities and a passenger car, we ensure that dogs' and cats' bellies are well-filled through generous donations of food.  To ensure that the shelter remains only a temporary home, we support the dedicated shelter staff in their search for a new "forever" home and provide the new arrivals with a delicious "Welcome Home" package.



Breed: Rottweiler
Gender: male, neutered
Date of birth: 20.02.2018


Jumper came to the shelter because his previous owner unfortunately could no longer offer him stable leadership. The self-confident male is breed-typical with strangers first alert and territorial, but this usually gives after getting to know very quickly.

Jumper walks well on the leash, is recallable and in encounters with cars, cyclists or pedestrians he is attentive, sometimes curious, but manageable. In dog encounters, on the other hand, he likes to lie down in the line. With his current 47kg body mass, he must therefore be strong enough to be led out of the situation confidently.

Jumper is very affectionate and cuddly towards his humans, the Rottweiler would prefer to be with him 24 hours a day. But he can also stay alone for a few hours without any problems. He loves to play and quickly forgets what a strong guy he is. When romping around, it can therefore happen that he finds his human being amazing, if he does not give him clear rules of the game.

We are looking for sporty people with dog experience, who will guide him competently through life and not only with walks but also with head and nose work.

Jumper will not be placed with a family with children.

Jumper has a cherry eye (nictitating gland prolapse), but it will be corrected by surgery. The shelter will cover the cost of this.

Would you like to give this handsome dog boy a new home?
Then contact our partner animal shelter in Crailsheim and get to know him personally.




Breed: European Shorthair
Gender: male
Year of birth: approx. end of September 2021



Little Hans was lucky! Because he was lovingly nursed by his finder. Hans is a bright little boy who does not mind the scarring on the retina of his left eye at all. Now he is looking for a loving home where he will get free access later on.

In his foster home Hans has already made friends with a dog and is very cuddly and affectionate with his people.

Would you like to meet this special little cat?
Then contact our partner animal shelter in Crailsheim.


Are you ready to fall in love with the faithful beady eyes of your future furry friend and face life together from now on?

Then do not hesitate and visit the shelter - your four-legged companion is already waiting for you there:

Tierschutzverein Crailsheim - Tierheim e.V.
Am Tierheim 4
74564 Crailsheim

Phone: 07951-294 777
Opening hours (also on Sundays and holidays):
17 - 18 o'clock



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