The first independent German recommendation marketing portal for pet food "" and 200 demanding pets have rated our HPC Insect Adult Tapioca & Apples with 9 out of 10 possible stars, which corresponds to the grade "Good+".

How is the quality rating from made up?

  • Packaging: Are the font & content text easy to read? Is the list of ingredients transparent?
  • Product: Did the dog like the product? How do they rate the consistency, smell, kibble size and quality?
  • Tolerance: How did the dog digest the food? Has the stool changed?
  • Recommendation: Would you continue to feed the product after the test phase and recommend it to others?

What are the special features of the food?

Our HPC INSECT adult Tapioca & Apples is a Single Animal Protein product for the balanced and complete nutrition of adult dogs of all breeds.

With fresh insect larvae (Hermetia Illucens) as the sole source of animal protein (single animal protein) and highly digestible tapioca from Togo, you can spoil your dog gently and naturally grain-free. Fresh soldier fly larvae are a first-class and high-quality protein supplier with a protein content of 40% and due to the nutty taste extremely popular in the dog bowl, not only with nutritionally sensitive dogs.

Best of all, the fresh soldier fly larvae are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to meat. Raising insect larvae causes significantly less CO2 emissions than cattle farming, for example. So not only is your dog enjoying his new favorite food, but he's also munching on it for the environment.

The starchy but tasteless tapioca, which is extracted from the root of the cassava plant, is a first-class energy supplier for your active, adventurous furry nose.

The crunchy gourmet meal is rounded off with a delicious selection of exquisite fruits and vegetables, such as fine peas, tender chicory and fruity apples. The few, particularly high-quality ingredients facilitate the diet of dogs with food intolerances and allergies.

Do you have further questions about our HPC Insect Tapioca & Apples?

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