"hundkatzemaus – das Haustiermagazin" and the renowned market research institute Statista have named bosch pet food as one of the "Top Pet Brands in Germany 2023" in the category "Nutritional Supplements & Breeding (Dogs)". 

The ranking for is based on the results of an independent survey of more than 7,000 pet owners in Germany who have either purchased pet products, used services or obtained information about relevant products or services in the last three years.

How is the quality rating of hundkatzemaus made up?

  • Trust: Do you have confidence that the brand is safe and effective for pets?
  • Quality: Did your dog like the product? How would you rate the consistency, smell, kibble size and quality?
  • Transparency: Is all necessary information about the products provided?
  • Sustainability: Is the brand committed to long-term, positive change to protect the environment, promote animal welfare and take social responsibility?
  • Price-performance ratio: What is the relationship between the price of the brand and the quality?
  • Recommendation: Would you recommend the brand?

What are the special features of our rearing feed?

When creating our complete diets, we follow official literature recommendations such as FEDIAF or NRC (Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats). These also describe the differences in the energy and nutrient requirements of growing dogs compared to adult dogs. Per unit of energy, a puppy has a higher requirement for some minerals, amino acids or vitamins, which is why we recommend the use of a complete food specially tailored to these requirements.

In our special rearing formulas, the nutritional components are optimally tailored to the changing needs of your puppy. The careful selection of high-quality ingredients that support your puppy's growth and promote joint development is the best basis for a vital dog's life.

What are the special features of our food supplement?

With home-made meals (BARF nutrition), care should be taken to ensure that the dog consumes all the important vitamins, trace elements and minerals in order to prevent malnutrition. VI-Min is a highly effective vitamin, trace element and mineral concentrate to supplement a barf diet.

Do you have further questions about our dog food?

Feel free to contact our nutrition experts. They will be happy to help you by e-mail and by telephone via our free hotline.

Phone: +49 (0) 800 333 8 222 (free of charge)
E-Mail: expertenteam@bosch-tiernahrung.de

Monday - Thursday: 7.30 - 12 o'clock & 13 - 16 o'clock
Friday: 7.30 - 12 o'clock & 13 - 15 o'clock

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