For us dog parents it is very important to find the perfect food for the individual needs and preferences of our dogs. But buying the dog food and transporting it home is only half the battle. The following tips can help you preserve the taste and consistency of your furry friend’s favorite food for as long as possible.

What is the best way to store dog food so that it stays fresh for as long as possible?

Dog food should always be stored in a cool and dry place. Heat, light, air and moisture can cause food to spoil. This applies to dry food and snacks in bags as well as wet food in cans.

Open dry food

Dry food has a longer shelf life due to its low water content. After opening, you should definitely close your dry food bag carefully; this also applies to dog snacks. Our large containers have a practical ZIP closure for this purpose. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to refill this food.

Our tip:

Food clips and opaque feed bins are ideal for storing food.

Open wet food

Open wet food should be used up as quickly as possible and is best stored in the refrigerator where it will last for two to three days. You should take the food out of the refrigerator some time before feeding so that it is at room temperature. Always remember to cover the food to prevent it from drying out and to avoid unpleasant smells.

Our tip:

Can lids are ideal for closing wet food.
Alternatively, you can store the wet food in an airtight storage box.

Can I feed dog food even after the best-before date has expired?

Just like conventional food, dog food also has a best before date (BBD). If the food has been stored cool, dry and at a uniform temperature, there is a high probability that the food can still be used even after the best-before date has expired. However, if in doubt, we advise against feeding after the best-before date has expired.

During the minimum shelf life, our originally packaged and unopened dog food contains all nutrients, such as: B. Vitamins and trace elements in sufficient quantities. Some nutritional additives tend to break down and may no longer be contained in the full amount in the feed after the best-before date has expired.

Do you have any further questions about storing your furry friend’s favorite food?

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About the author

Dr. Anna Mitura 

Animal Nutrition Physiologist & Product Manager

I am a real Northern Lights and come from Schleswig-Holstein, where I grew up in a small village with dogs. The dog of my heart is called Rufus and is a 13-year-old giant schnauzer mix senior. As a product manager, I develop new recipes for dogs and cats, hold training courses and lectures for customers and dealers and advise you on our free service hotline.