Sammy's tooth fairy

  • Recipe without gluten-containing cereals*.
  • Extra long chewing pleasure
  • Giant chewing bar to support the dental cleaning of your big pelt nose
  • Daily dental care for dogs from 30 kg
  • Gently & with much love produced
  • 100% compostable packaging
  • complementary feed for adult dogs

Ready for shipment immediately, delivery time approx. 1-3 working days

Sammy's Tooth Fairy is a delicious, parsley-scented toothbrush replacement to clean your big dog's teeth and freshen his breath.

With its special shape and size and the firm consistency, the Tooth Fairy supports your pelt nose in daily dental hygiene: Regular chewing can easily remove food residues, the seaweed also ensures clean and healthy teeth and gums. Your furry nose will love it.

Due to its size, the Tooth Fairy is more suitable for large snouts from 30 kg.


* Even with the greatest care in the production and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or (gluten-containing) cereals can not be excluded.

Rice flour, potato starch, glycerol (vegetable), rice starch, protein of pork (dried), gelatin (dried), corn protein, cellulose, minerals, seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum, dried, 0.1%), eucalyptus oil (0.05%).
Our feeding recommendation
Ideal weight of your dog Snacks per week
30,0 - 40,0 kg 5 - 6 Piece
40,0 - 50,0 kg 6 - 7 Piece
50,0 - 60,0 kg 7 - 8 Piece

Please consider the addition of our snacks in the total daily ration of your pelt nose.
This information is a guideline. Individual needs depend on factors such as age, breed, activity and housing conditions.

Drinking is important! Please always provide fresh water.

Please store in a cool and dry place. Do not store near cleaning agents, medicines and other sharp smelling things!

Important: Please make sure that your furry friend does not swallow Sammy's Tooth Fairy whole.

Convertible energy 287 kcal/100 g (12.0 MJ/kg), moisture 22.0%, protein 8.5%, fat content 2.0%, crude fiber 1.0%, crude ash 3.2%.

Technological additives
Antioxidants, preservatives.


Sensory additives
Flavoring agents (0.05% parsley oil).

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