Senior - from 7 years

Senior animal welfare chicken

  • for vitality & pure joy into old age of the dog
  • easily digestible ingredients
  • with reduced content of protein, energy & minerals
  • recipe without gluten-containing cereals*

Ready for shipment immediately, delivery time approx. 1-3 working days

Our Heimat Senior with fresh animal welfare chicken (24 %) is gently and lovingly produced for your dog senior in our traditional family business in Wiesenbach.

Fresh animal welfare chicken is very high quality and easily digestible. The balanced amino acid ratio of this protein source can support the muscle maintenance of your elderly dog senior particularly well and thus forms the basis for vitality and pure joy of life into old age.

Animal welfare chicken is subject to special criteria that have been developed by experts. Thus, the individual chicken has more living space available and additionally organic, changeable and consumable employment material, such as straw, hay or pecking stones.

This delicious gourmet menu for senior dogs is rounded out by high-quality ingredients such as easily digestible millet, fiber-rich pumpkin, protein-rich peas, valuable salmon oil, which we produce ourselves, and rose hips, which contain antioxidant plant compounds.

In order to shorten supply chains and conserve resources, we obtain the pumpkin used in the recipe from a farmer in the neighboring community of Schrozberg and source the fresh peas, among others, from the small village of Naicha (contract farming), which is only a few kilometers away from the company's headquarters.

By deliberately avoiding gluten-containing cereals in the recipe and using high-quality and easily digestible carbohydrate sources, you feed your dog senior particularly gently and gluten-free.

With over 60 years of experience and true to our quality promise "assured sustainability" (certified by the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics), our Heimat products are lovingly and carefully prepared in harmony with nature using selected regional raw materials.


* Even with the greatest care in the production and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or (gluten-containing) grains can not be excluded.

** Share of animal based protein in total protein: 49.00 %

Fresh animal welfare chicken (24 %), millet (Milo, 22 %), peas (dried, 14 %), pea starch, pea fiber, chicken protein (dried), fresh pumpkin (4 %), potato flour, dried beet pulp (desugared), protein hydrolysate, flaxseed (1 %), yeast (dried, incl. 0.1% mannanoligosaccharides, 0.06% beta-glucans), salmon oil (0.5%), rose hips (dried, 0.35%), sodium chloride, parsley (dried, 0.15%), chicory (dried).
Our feeding recommendation

Ideal weight of
Your dog

Gram per day

2,5 kg 55 g
5 kg 95 g
7,5 kg 130 g
10,0 kg 160 g
12,5 kg 185 g
15,0 kg 215 g
17,5 kg 240 g
20,0 kg 265 g
22,5 kg 290 g
25,0 kg 315 g
30,0 kg 360 g
35,0 kg 405 g
40,0 kg 450 g
50,0 kg 530 g
60,0 kg 605 g

These data are approximate values. Individual requirements depend on factors such as age, breed, activity and housing conditions. In case of increased activity, please increase the amount of food accordingly. Please always provide fresh water.

Avoid a quick change of food. Change slowly, within 3 - 5 days.

Convertible energy 322 kcal/100 g (13.49 MJ/kg), moisture 10.0%, protein 21.0%, fat content 7.0%, crude fiber 7%, crude ash 4.7%, phosphorus 0.5%, calcium 0.55%.

Nutritional additives per kg
Vitamin A 12,000 I.U., vitamin D3 1,200 I.U., vitamin E 70 mg.


Trace elements per kg
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 70 mg, zinc (as amino acid zinc chelate hydrate) 30 mg, copper (as copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate) 10 mg, iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2.0 mg, selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.2 mg.


Technological additives


Proportion of meat or protein carrier of animal origin: 32 %.
Proportion of protein of animal origin in total protein: 54 %.

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