The following criteria will be taken into account for the performance evaluation of the carrier (= contractor) during the contract period. The assessment of the carrier shall take place at least once per year by the employer in the form of a supplier evaluation. In addition, the employer reserves the right to carry out an audit at least once per calendar year. The prerequisite for this is complete and guaranteed access to your premises at any time.

The results of all evaluations from the various departments will be presented to the carrier and discussed with him. Adverse deviations must lead to suggestions and measures for corrections. In the event that no improvement is being achieved, a "phase-out program" will be agreed between the employer and carrier in order to prevent the employer from damage, i.e. the employer will successively use other carriers for the services listed in the logistics agreement and will refrain from commissioning the current carrier. The employer reserves the right to instantly terminate the contract as a consequence of negative audit results.

Quality Assessment

  • General Principles
  • Return and Account Management of Empties
  • Comformity and Hygiene of the Delivery

Service / Logistics Assessment

  • Delivery Performance
  • Dealing with Problems
  • Administrative Services
  • Invoice