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Service Level Agreement

The following criteria are used during the contract period to determine the performance of the carrier (= contractor). Assessment by the customer is carried out at least once a year in the form of a supplier evaluation. In addition, the client reserves the right to carry out an audit at least once a calendar year. This requires unlimited, guaranteed access to your premises at all times.


The results of the assessments from the various specialist departments are presented to the carrier and discussed with it. Any negative non-conformities must lead to proposed corrections and corrective measures. In the event that there is no improvement, in order to protect the customer from damage, a "phase out programme" is agreed between the customer and the carrier; i.e., the customer will gradually receive the services mentioned in the service level agreement from other carriers and will refrain from commissioning the current carrier. The customer reserves the right to termination without notice as a consequence of a negative audit result.


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