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CO2-neutral production site

Since the beginning of 2020, our production has been climate-neutral

Despite the energy-saving measures implemented, CO2 is generated at our site, primarily as a result of natural gas consumption. We offset this by supporting a climate protection project.


To this end, we work together with the non-profit association PRIMAKLIMA, which has been committed to the preservation of forests and reforestation for almost 30 years. Together with PRIMAKLIMA, we support the protection of a primary forest on the island of Borneo in Indonesia, which was threatened by deforestation for the paper industry. As a true hotspot of biodiversity, the forest provides a valuable habitat for numerous animal and plant species and is home to endangered Borneo orangutans, long-nosed monkeys and white-bearded gibbons, among others.


The climate protection project also supports the local inhabitants of the 34 surrounding villages. By creating jobs in forest conservation and comprehensive vocational education and training (for example, in the production of coconut palm sugar for commercial marketing) the people are given a new perspective.


We are convinced that, in addition to the current discussion about alternative, future-oriented and sustainable energy generation, there is still considerable potential for savings in German industry.


Together we want to take a pioneering role in order to preserve the things entrusted to us; our nature, the environment and the animal world, for future generations.


Are you wondering how our CO2 emissions are calculated? No problem, we'll be happy to tell you.


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 Primaklima Logo

Our project on the island of Borneo in Indonesia


Participants of the micro-credit programme in the village of Mekartijaya.

arrow primaklima  Teilnehmer des Mikokredit-Programms


Long-nosed monkeys at the central camp of the project area.

arrow primaklima  nasenaffen


Tree plantations at the central camp of the project area.

arrow primaklima  Baumpflanzaktion



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