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Sanabelle ...something SPECIAL

Sterilized effective weight control At a glance:
  • reduced energy content
  • 20 % poultry meat
  • 5 % fresh liver
  • grain-free recipe with potatoes*
  • for neutered cats from the 12th month

Sanabelle Sterilised is a grain-free significantly energy-reduced food supplement for nutritionally sensitive cats that tend to be overweight due to castration.

The increased fibre content (crude fibre) ensures a good level of satiation and gentle, long-lasting weight reduction (weight control). This also relieves any pressure put on the muscles, joints, bones and circulation.

* Even with the utmost care in the manufacture and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or (gluten-containing) cereals cannot be completely excluded.


Poultry meat (fresh, 20 %), poultry protein (dried), potato starch, potato (dried), fresh liver (5 %), liver meal, dried beet pulp (sugar removed), hydrolysed protein, pea fiber, cellulose fibres, greaves (dried), linseed, salmon oil, powdered egg, fish meal, peas (dried), yeast (dried, incl. 0.1 % mannanoligo saccharides, 0.06 % beta-glucans), calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, cranberry (dried), blueberry (dried), green-lipped mussels (dried), blooms of marigold (dried), chicory powder, yucca (dried).


Meat content/proportion of animal-based protein: 55.10 %
Proportion of animal-based protein to total protein: 92.00 %

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foodsizeOur feeding recommendation
Optimal weight
of your cat

Constant weight
Gram per day

Overweight reduction
Gram per day
2.0 - 3.0 kg 35 - 45 g 30 - 40 g
4.0 - 5.0 kg 55 - 65 g 45 - 55 g
6.0 - 7.0 kg 70 - 80 g 60 - 70 g
8.0 kg 85 g 70 g
Fill bowl once a day for all-day self-serve feeding. Fresh water should always be available.

These values are intended as a guideline. Individual needs depend on factors such as age, breed, level of activity and the conditions under which your cat is kept. If your cats activity level is increased, please increase the amount of feed accordingly.

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