• Without added chemical colourings and flavourings
  • Without the addition of synthetic antioxidants, which cannot be utilized easily in the metabolic process
  • Constant quality control
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes with a high cooking degree of the nutrients
  • Processing of fresh meat

Raw materials

  • Exclusively high-quality raw materials of known origin and quality
  • Many locally-produced raw materials
  • No herbal protein extracts of inferior quality are used (soya)
  • General rejection of genetically modified raw materials


  • Well-rounded nutritional programme to suit all requirements
  • Special products for nutritional sensitive dogs
  • Exceptional palatable and digestible
  • Unique recipes - due to usage of fresh meat (puppy food) amongst other things
  • Meat as main ingredient
  • Exceptional acceptance and palatability
  • Pronounced additional benefits of the products (vitality and wellness)
  • Best price-performance ratio

Quality certificates

  • HACCP (Quality control system)
  • IFS (International Food Standard)
  • Eco certification according to the private standard – domestic animal food / Prüfverein “Verarbeitung ökologische Landbauprodukte”
  • ISO 50 001 Energy Management

Energy saving is a major concern at bosch Tiernahrung

In the past few years, bosch Tiernahrung has made considerable investments in buildings and equipment due to its strong growth. Besides cost-effectiveness, the responsibility for the environment has always been a very important aspect in both planning and implementation activities. Particularly for drive systems but also for lighting solutions, we opted for the most modern and energy-saving solutions.

We always check each investment thoroughly for its energy-efficiency. For instance, we also followed this procedure with the new high-bay warehouse in use since 2009. As a result, the installed stacker cranes are equipped with a system that recovers the energy consumed at the time of braking and feeds it back into the cycle. In addition, the waste heat from the operation is used in different areas for further usage. This energy is transferred to the production halls by means of heat exchangers in order to contribute to heating the ambient temperature, particularly in the winter months. Furthermore, the waste heat is used for the heating of water, for instance in the social areas, and also as part of drying processes.

bosch Tiernahrung also obtains thermal energy from a neighboring Biogas plant. For a numbers of years now, we use an energy load profile management in close cooperation with our energy supplier. It is our concern to optimize the use of energy with the help of this system.

We regularly hold information meetings to advice our staff on the energy saving potential at their individual workplace. In order to further raise awareness for this topic amongst our employees, bosch Tiernahrung has offered them 10,000 square meters of roof area free of charge for the operation of a photovoltaic system. This photovoltaic system represents a capital investment opportunity for our employees. It provides an above-average return on investment and motivates our employees to rethink energy awareness in the entire company and beyond.

In February 2013, bosch Tiernahrung has been awarded with the energy management system certification DIN EN ISO 50001.

We are convinced that, in addition to the current discussion about alternative, future-oriented, and sustainable production of energy, there is still a considerable energy saving potential in the German industry.

In this respect, bosch Tiernahrung attempts to assume a pioneering role. Therefore, our company philosophy intends to exercise responsibility for future generations.