bosch Tiernahrung is a family-run company

Our business activities are guided by Christian ethical values, which are deeply rooted in the family tradition. These values provide us with focus and clarity and they characterize the interaction amongst our employees as well as our relationships with clients and suppliers.

We regard fair relationships based on partnership as prerequisite for securing economic viability, jobs, and customer relationships. We have an open and unbiased attitude towards the peaceful coexistence of different nationalities and ethnic groups. Compliance with all the relevant legal provisions is a matter of course for us.

Each employee of bosch Tiernahrung contributes with commitment and sense of responsibility to the company's objectives and, therefore, to the success of the company. The management assists every member of staff in identifying personal development opportunities, with being proactive, and with practicing personal responsability.

The improvement of customer satisfaction is at the heart of our quality policy. We want to intensify our customer focus even further by providing specific problem solutions, innovative products, and strong service.

What We Offer

  • We deliver our products and services with a high level of quality taking into account the requirements and wishes of our customers.
  • We continuously observe the pet food market and examine the potential for our products and services. By always searching for additional raw material suppliers and by connecting with new customers, we intend to generate improvements in quality as well as new product developments.
  • The consistent quality of our products is ensured by the strict control of our in-house processes by means of analysis and targeted examinations, transparent production processes, and the continuous improvement of the technical equipment.
  • We involve are all employees of our company in the process of continuous quality improvement.
  • The suppliers of our raw materials are subject to regular quality controls, which are also carried out by bosch Tiernahrung.
  • We have implemented an additional quality assurance system based on the principles of HACCP. This improves the efficiency of our quality assurance, accelerates the progress rate within quality assurance, improves the documentation and, as a consequence, the transparency of particularly critical process items.
  • We are in close contact with the municipal authority of Blaufelden-Wiesenbach and with the immediate residents in our neighborhood. We intent to achieve the greatest possible consent between the interests of our company and the wishes of the municipality and the local residents. When planning new investments, we always take into account technical and organizational improvements in order to avoid disturbing neighbors with dust, noise or odors as much as possible.

Our success is based on the following criteria

  • State-of-the-art production facilities
  • Stringent requirements regarding origin and quality of raw materials
  • Strictest quality controls, both on-premise and external
  • Intensive research and development activities
  • Close contacts with many reowned research institutions
  • Extensive international contacts
  • Versatile and dedicated management team
  • Highly qualified and experienced consultants team
  • Close partnerships with successful breeders and experienced dog and cat owners

This success is documented not least in the fact that our quality products are successfully marketed in over 35 countries around the world. Nutrition specialists, marketing specialists, consultants, technicians, veterinarians, and of course successful breeders work for our range of pet food hand in hand, not only to offer you our high- engineered food program, but also to help you to be in almost all matters concerning your pet a competent partner. That means you can rely on us in all respects.

Our diversity is a prerequisite for the success of our pet food. We are experts! And as specialists for pet food, we offer an elaborated, scientifically-based program that will accompany your pet from his first day of life with notable success. Let our service capability and our quality products convince you!